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top down or bottom up

visions, objectives, cultures, acceptance – decision-making support for a better learning experience.


focus on learning activities

context, flow, story line – creating a better learning experience is passion.


agile development

content, time to completion, budget, quality – to hell with the devil’s square.


experience better learning

delivery, personalisation, re-usability – dynamic learning content management as a strategic option.


agile development

content, time to completion, budget, quality – to hell with the devil’s square.

Approach / Services


Top-down or bottom-up

Expectations raised in connection with e-learning are high – and they pose questions: What will be my approach? Where do I start? Whom do I need to take on board? What are the costs involved? What needs to be considered during the introductory process? Who may offer what? These questions are well familiar to us which is why we support our customers during the process of forming concepts, achieving clarity of thought and making decisions – depending on the required level of intensity and rapidity. A fair number of questions will be answered at this stage already, whether it be concerning pilot schemes, strategical introduction formats or the operational aspects of e-learning.


Focus on learning activities

Creating a better learning experience is our passion. Once the basic framework is set our creativity runs wild. Looking back at many years of experience we pride ourselves on dealing with highly complex material, analysing, thinking and having a crack at things until we find the right solution – making it a sensorial, comprehensible experience. Whether it be multi device, multi media or blended learning formats – in order to find the most adequate available format we put competencies into the context of performance-, learning- and assessment activities ahead of creating a suitable learning scenario.


Agile development

The production of learning-related media is team work. This sounds ideal – but media production above all is based on work-sharing. From our holistic perspective we strive to team nerds, esthetes, geeks, pedants, freaks, theorists and creative people allowing for enough room to guarantee short distances, to put things bluntly (where necessary), ensuring readiness of mind, positivity and mutual respect. We believe that in any technician there could be a bit of a musician, just like there may be a mathematician hidden in some author.


Experience better learning

Blended learning is an integral part of the qualification concepts of modern human resource development strategies. Aspects such as reduction of costs as well as quality assurance are of importance in this context. In addition to managing talent, skills, events, resources and performance, learning content management plays a more strategic role. Powerful tools are required to match the functional aspects of e-learning development with the strategic bearings of content management. The LCMS technology allows to map the entire life cycle of the e-learning product while offering well-defined products supporting highly transparent processes as well as service quality.

We are Smarter Workforce business partner of IBM. The IBM LCMS, as one of the most powerful Enterprise LCMS available, allows us to fully map the entire life cycle of e-learning products and to support them. It also serves as a content management system facilitating modular structures and dynamic generation of pages. Hence full flexibility and reusability of all resources is guaranteed. At the initial design / storyboard level already a notable increase in efficiency takes effect. Further benefits include simultaneous development of multilingual versions as well as straight and easy processing into other presentation formats (print media). Our flexible approach allows us to easily adapt to existing e-learning infrastructures and to leverage the strategic, technical and organisational benefits of the Enterprise Learning Content Management Technology. This means that our customers benefit from: high quality standard of didactics, transparent processes, optimised integration, low costs as well as future-proof flexibility.

A powerful learning content management is fundamental to the technical and organisational preconditions for leveraging strategic outsourcing potential. In collaboration with IBM Kenexa we advise customers concerning outsourcing potential within the e-learning sector. The IBM LCMS´ high level of efficiency facilitates technical as well as organisational outsourcing of all aspects of the entire e-learning value chain. Talk to us about how to outsource your individual e-learning value chain in a sustainabie and profitable manner.