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aviation security refresher training

A high degree of visualisation and a simple approach to user guidance even for abstract content ensure a better learning experience.


in touch with product information

Available at anytime and at anyplace - creating awareness requires new design approaches and formats.


know-how transfer meets CRM

Explorative and tutorial-based components leverage a playful experience while easing the access into the product world of the high-tech vendors.

DHL: Refresher Training

close-up / web based training


Permanent and temporary airport staff alike are required to regularly take part in security training. Addressing individual target groups, supporting multiple languages and providing regular updates based on statutory provisions are key requirements to a sustainable web-based training solution. The IBM LCMS technology provides the framework for fulfilling the client’s technical requirements. Due to the dynamic nature of content delivery via the LCMS, participants are able to access any modifications and updates instantly. The investment in service and maintenance not only remains calculable, it also allows to significantly reduce costs compared to traditional e-learning systems. Based on the assessment by airport staff the web based training format is considered to be a good alternative to instructor-led, i.e. classroom-based training. A number of further airports have shown interest in adopting this method to train their staff.


During the conceptualisation process aspects of tutorial-based controlling and timing, navigation, interaction as well as multimedia components were analysed with a view to optimise the transfer of security-related knowledge, abstract content and regulations. These aspects were then adapted to meet usability requirements. In addition to sequencing content into an educationally sound stream of learning modules this approach also allows to focus on content editing and provides for opportunities to optimise the graphical visualisation of relevant data and facts. Due to the recognisable simple approach to user guidance, participants have acknowledged this concept as a positive learning experience to be adopted even for future courses.

Project: Security training designed to be used by airport staff
Customer: DHL
Product: Refresher Training (Web Based Training)
Our part: Consultancy, Conceptualisation, Design, End-to-end-implementation (IBM LCMS)
Time to completion approx. 3 hours including final assessment and certification.
Languages: German, English

Sirona: product launch

close-up / mobile learning


Sales and distribution of dental equipment is organised via the wholesale sector. This means that expert advisors offer a large number of products to their customers which require additional explanation. The presentation of manufacturers´ new innovations and products is subject to the limited time frames available to expert advisors. Manufacturers are therefore faced with the challenge to edit and to custom-tailor information about new products and innovations to enable expert advisors to present these anywhere at any time.


Using the mobile learning approach, expert advisors are able to gain access to product training not only via traditional methods, such as PCs, but also using mobile devices, e.g. iPads. Expert advisors are provided with an efficient and equally impressive introduction to advantages and benefits of novelty technologies. In combination with a sound demonstration of how to exploit current sales and marketing strategies aimed at making maximum use of a novelty product to serve as door opener expert advisors are able to promote further solutions as part of the Sirona product portfolio. User interface and didactic flow as elements of the varying use cases are tailored to suit the interactive capabilities of mobile end devices. Their design allows for a quick overview and engagement as well as a discontinued, but – where necessary – still in-depth, and therefore potentially non-linear completion of individual learning content.

Project: SIROInspect
Customer: Sirona Dental Academy
Product: Sales Training (Mobile Learning)
Our part: Conceptualisation, Design, End-to-end-implementation (IBM LCMS) in collaboration with our partner p-didakt GmbH
Duration: Time to completion approx. 25 minutes. The process of acquiring key knowledge may be completed within 10 minutes subject to an efficient learning progress.
Languages: German, English

close-up / educational marketing



To date new recruits, based in one of the company´s global locations, receive centrally organised, instructor-led training focused on technical as well as sales-related information concerning the company portfolio. This qualification method is highly cost-intensive and time consuming. This is, where e-learning methods become highly cost-effective in contrast to instructor-led training and leverage customer retention while applying educational marketing.


A new format for imparting already familiar content is being developed. To realise this, content is being analysed in line with instructional design principles prior to being broken down into a into a well-structured set of page layouts. The focus thereby is on designing visual, explorative, instructional and tutorial-based components, which allow for easy accessing as well as playful engagement with the medium. A specifically developed voice-over-concept, custom-tailored to the needs of the target group and integrated into the user guidance format rounds off this multimedia experience. The design process as a whole is subject to close collaboration with the customer, optimised on the basis of short iteration loops and rapid prototyping. Comparative studies have concluded that: “The actual results of e-learning methods are to be considered of equal, if not of even higher standards, compared to those generated via instructor-led training”.

Project: Basics of Technology
Customer: High-tech Company
Product: Educational Marketing (E-Learning)
Our Part: Consulting, Conceptual Design, End-to-end-implementation (e.g. IBM LCMS)